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White is the color of organization, law, and morality. It seeks peace through order.

Popular mono-white commanders include Sram, Senior Edificer, Heliod, Sun-Crowned, and Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle.


White wants no one to suffer. They believe that suffering is wrong and that it is everyone’s job to ensure everyone can succeed and live happy lives. To accomplish this goal, White sets rules and laws in place and systems to punish those for breaking those rules. White believes that there are morally right and wrong actions and that any action that does not benefit everyone is evil. White believes in unity of thought and structure. Without a form of rules and guidelines or a committee to help discuss the ramifications of a problem, White is powerless. But when White constructs a set of rules and has the people on their side, white can create strong loyal societies that foster the group and the world.

Popular Strategies in Mono-White

Most Popular

Other Strategies



White can make lots of tokens and then make those tokens into massive threats to win before defenses can be set up.


White excels at lifegain, able to increase its own life total either in large amounts or steadily over time.


Most of the payoffs for Equipment are located in mono-white, as well as some great creatures to carry Equipment and tutors that help find them.


White commonly uses Auras and enchantress strategies to create powerful creatures that overwhelm its opposition.

Pinpoint Removal

Mono-white's removal spells are able to get rid of a variety of permanents in a variety of ways. It can get rid of any permanent type, often through the use of exile.

Mass Removal

White has many excellent options for mass removal and can get out of sticky situations in ways other colors can’t.


White is primary in protecting both the player and their permanents. It can shut down combat, or make most boardwipes one sided


Hatebears prevent opponents from enacting specific parts of their gameplan while also providing important, aggressive board presence. These creatures may stop opponents from drawing cards, shut down activated abilities, and prevent opponents from casting tutors.


White is one of the only colors that provides benefits explicitly to the planeswalker card type. This may take the form of adding loyalty counters, or tutors that may locate planeswalkers.


Card Advantage

Mono-white's primary weakness is finding consistent sources of card advantage. Opponents who draw large numbers of cards are often able to outpace mono-white by accruing more resources more consistently, as well as obtaining a higher degree of flexibility by having more options to impact the game. Though white may deploy powerful cards, it is far more likely than other colors to run out of cards in hand and run out of actions to take during gameplay as a result.