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Orzhov is the color combination of white and black. It is named for the Orzhov Syndicate on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Orzhov commanders include Teysa Karlov, Athreos, God of Passage, and Karlov of the Ghost Council.


White and black clash over the value of the good of the group vs. the good of the individual. This central conflict inspires Orzhov to create a highly stratified system built on a foundation of exploitation. Those in power may have a trusted group of friends they seek to protect, but anyone and everyone outside that group must be used or destroyed to keep the group at the top of the hierarchy. Orzhov enforces order and exerts complete and total power over the structures they create, which are built to benefit them most. However, this system can prove to be vulnerable from within, when members of the core group disagree and begin to mistrust and backstab one another.

Popular Orzhov Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Orzhov excels at both removal and mass removal, able to dismantle any threat that comes its way. Orzhov decks may avoid combat in favor of life loss effects that drain life from enemies while bolstering their own. Additionally, Orzhov specializes in disposing of its own creatures or cards for other benefits, such as card draw, and can frequently reanimate creates to sacrifice them again and again. This may make it difficult for opponents to interact meaningfully with the Orzhov player's permanents, as any attempt to remove them may wind up benefiting the Orzhov player instead of hampering them.


Orzhov may be slow to put its plans into action, either with a lack of ramp or because its plans require many pieces to be put into play before they begin to provide substantial benefits. Orzhov decks may also find it difficult to engage in politics, as their strategies tend to harm all opponents equally, and are not commonly pointed towards a single player they wish to unseat from a position of power.