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'Oathbreaker' is a format variant inspired by the Commander format. Instead of a legendary creature, each deck is helmed by a Planeswalker and an instant or sorcery called a 'Signature Spell'.


Oathbreaker follows many of the same rules as EDH, but differs in some prominent areas:

  • Each player builds a 60 card singleton deck with cards from any black border magic set. Oathbreaker has a different banlist than EDH, but has many of the same cards banned
  • Each player starts at 20 life.
  • Each player has access to a Planeswalker called an Oathbreaker. The Oathbreaker functions almost identically to how the commander functions in standard edh. It starts the game in the command zone, and can be cast anytime, following normal timing restrictions. If it would ever change zones (such as going to the graveyard,) you may instead put it back into the command zone.
  • All cards that reference a Commander instead reference an Oathbreaker.
  • Oathbreaker also has a “Commander Tax” very similar to EDH. Each oathbreaker costs two more mana for each time the oathbreaker goes back to the command zone.
  • In addition to an Oathbreaker, each player also has access to a Signature Spell. The Signature Spell is an instant or Sorcery in the command zone that can only be cast as long as the deck’s Oathbreaker is in play, following normal timing restrictions. It cannot be cast unless the Oathbreaker is on the battlefield.
  • If the Signature Spell would go to any zone except the stack, it must go back to the command zone. Similar to the Oathbreaker, the signature spell cost two more to cast for each time it is sent back to the command zone.
  • The signature spell must follow the color identity of the Oathbreaker.