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Izzet is the color combination of blue and red. It is named for the Izzet League on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Izzet commanders include Niv-Mizzet, Parun, Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, and The Locust God.


Blue and red reach common ground with blue’s pursuit of knowledge and red’s emotional depth. Izzet retains the desire to gain perfection through experimentation but red allows this search to go in directions that blue would never go on its own. Red makes Izzet creative and impulsive, making tests that produce unpredictable results and that answer questions no one thought to ask. This dynamic makes Izzet cunning, proactive, and ready to act to solve larger problems, but it also means the color lacks focus, sometimes experimenting for the sake of experimenting, rather than knowledge, and thus can lose sight of what really matters.

Popular Izzet Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Red and blue maintain powerful control over spellcraft and artifice, able to cast, copy, recast, reclaim, tutor, and glean additional benefit from instant and sorcery spells that no other color combination can achieve. Similarly, Izzet can manipulate artifacts, often putting them onto the battlefield for free or enhancing their capabilities. Izzet decks excel at card draw and even control to maintain resource advantage over their opponents and prevent enemies from enacting their game plans.


Izzet decks that focus primarily on noncreature cards often end up with only weak creatures on the battlefield, leaving them vulnerable in combat. Both colors also struggle to permanently remove enchantment cards from the battlefield. Also, most of Izzet's most popular strategies rely upon the combined synergy of multiple cards to produce the most powerful benefits, which means they may stumble if they are unable to properly assemble the correct pieces and put them together.