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Gruul is the color combination of red and green. It is named for the Gruul Clans on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Gruul commanders include Omnath, Locus of Rage, Xenagos, God of Revels, and Ruric Thar, the Unbowed.


Together Red and Green tell people to follow their emotions and desires. They want people to act on whatever comes naturally. Gruul therefore hate structures and laws that limit this freedom, and stand devoted to freeing everyone from such restrictions so that they may be their natural selves. Gruul society has a community and freedom that no other guild has, but this focus on acting on impulse means Gruul isn’t the type to plan out or think things through.

Popular Gruul Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Gruul is fast and aggressive, specializing in ramp and other methods of acquiring additional resources. These resources allow it to cast larger and larger spells, particularly creatures, that outsize all opposition and can overrun all other players.


Gruul decks are often quite linear, potentially even bordering on predictability. Though Gruul produces powerful threats, opponents may be able to outmaneuver those threats with clever planning. Gruul may also occasionally struggle against mass removal that removes its powerful creatures. Since many of Gruul's most important game actions often take place on its own turn, this can also limit Gruul's interaction to prevent enemy plans during those players' turns.