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Green is the color of nature, instinct, and harmony. Green seeks growth through acceptance.

Popular mono-green commanders include Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Gargos, Vicious Watcher, and Omnath, Locus of Mana.


Green believes that the world is already complete as is, and the key to true happiness is to accept that. While other colors see a problem with the world and are trying to implement a philosophy to 'fix' it, Green believes that the world is already made right, and that each individual should simply accept the world order and their place within it. Green sees the beauty of nature and the way that animals create communities. They believe that nothing is more beautiful than nature. Nature untouched by human hands is Green’s ideal world. All Green wants to protect this dream and show others this beauty. Green abhors man-made machines that infringe upon nature. This attunement with nature gives green a connection to animals and life that no other color has but it often also means that green can only work through these creatures.

Popular Strategies in Mono-Green

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Green is the color of nature and growth, which allows it to excel at producing additional resources, which allows it to continue to cast larger and larger spells. Green is one of the only colors able to put lands from its library onto the battlefield. Green's creatures may also produce mana, and green can even use effects that will increase the mana output those resources already provide.

Big Creatures

Mono-green has some of the biggest creatures in the game. Many mono-green decks will be able to play larger creatures than those found in other colors, as well as using abilities that amplify the power of those creatures even further. Green decks commonly use these creatures in combat to achieve victory, often combining them with keywords such as trample to overrun pesky blockers.


Green is able to create a large number of tokens, either for small creatures or for large ones. Green can commonly overwhelm a battlefield with tokens of many kinds.

Artifact and Enchantment Removal

Green doesn’t like things that it views as unnatural, particularly artifacts and enchantments. Green has lots of ways to destroy specific artifacts and enchantments, as well as mass removal for these permanents.

Creature-Based Card Draw

Mono-green is able to draw many cards, but almost always requires creatures on the battlefield to do so. As long as green is able to keep its creatures in play, it may sustain itself with a consistent flow of card draw.


Mono-green has many recursion effects that return cards in its graveyard back to its hand. This provides green with the ability to repeat powerful cards multiple times during a game. Green can also frequently return land cards directly to the battlefield.


Creature Removal

Green decks occasionally struggle to remove enemy creatures from the battlefield, as their removal effects are most frequently based upon fight spells (such as Prey Upon). Green decks may have difficulty responding to enemy threats if they are unable to keep their own creatures on the battlefield.

Mass Removal

Green decks tend to be extremely creature-based, and a well-timed mass removal spell can reset their entire gameplan back to square one.


Green decks tend to be very straightforward, sometimes boiling down to a simple sequence: play creatures, attack, repeat. Though this strategy can be powerful, it can also be easy for other players to anticipate, and plan around it accordingly.