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What is “Synergy”? What is the “Signature Cards” section?

Many cards across EDHREC will have a rating of synergy that will show up as a percentage that either has a + or a - in front of it. For example, this Eldrazi Displacer has a +75% synergy rating on the Rasputin Dreamweaver page.


Synergy rating is intended to show cards that are particularly important to the commander or theme you are currently viewing. This is opposed to just cards that are generally played in most decks that are popular because they are individually strong. We did this because we wanted to show what cards were interesting to a commander in the Signature Cards section at the top of the page. It gives a quick look at what cards define a deck, as opposed to just showing a bunch of cards like Cyclonic Rift and Sol Ring that aren’t interesting because they are in a bunch of decks.
Synergy score is calculated as:
[% decks this card is in for commander/theme] - [% decks this card is in for color identity
In the Eldrazi Displacer and Rasputin Dreamweaver example, a +75% synergy score means that it’s seen way more than in other U/W decks. It’s calculated by taking the 86% of Rasputin decks it is in, then subtracting the 11% of other U/W decks it is in. Leaving us +75% synergy score, making it pretty clear this card is not generally popular in most U/W decks but particularly popular in Rasputin decks.

Where does EDHREC collect its deck data from? How can I get my deck on EDHREC? What happens when I update my deck?

EDHREC collects deck data from Archidekt, MTGGoldfish, Aetherhub, CommanderSpellbook, Moxfield, Scryfall and Deckstats. We collect data daily from these pages and new data is reflected most often on pages within a few days. Tappedout was a source of data in the early stages of the website so some decks may still appear, but we are not collecting data from them currently.
If your deck is on one of those deck building sites, chances are it’ll get pulled in. However, there are a number of things that can prevent a deck from being pulled in. Most notably, make sure it’s a legal deck. If you have too many cards, too few cards, cards out of your color identity, or banned cards, our database will not pick it up intentionally.
However, there are a number of things that can go wrong between EDHREC and the source websites and there is no way to notify you that something went wrong. Sometimes they may not be your fault, or anyone’s fault. We simply can’t guarantee that every deck makes it up on EDHREC.
If you update your deck on the deck building site, EDHREC will collect it as a new deck and delete our old one, effectively updating the deck in our database. Updating your deck a bunch of times does not make duplicates of the deck in our database.

How are themes defined? How are Tribes defined?

On the themes page, https://edhrec.com/themes, and the tribes page, https://edhrec.com/tribes, there are dozens of different themes and tribes listed. How these are actually defined are not scientific and are simply the developers of EDHREC fiddling with some counts until it appears that the page provides decent results. Each theme also is defined individually and we don’t have one defined formula that covers all themes.
As such, we honestly don’t have that good of an answer to this question. We hope the end resulting pages provide some value to people trying to build those themes, but there are plenty of decks that simply didn’t meet the definition but probably could be considered that from a human perspective.

What is the Salt Score?

Salt Scores are based on an annual survey of commander players. Users were showed a card and asked on a scale of 0-4 how salty that card made them. We collected the results and now have a top list of the saltiest cards (https://edhrec.com/top/salt) and also the score appears on cards with a high enough salt score.
Read this article for more information: https://articles.edhrec.com/new-edhrec-feature-salt/

How do I get my content up on the “Community Content” feed on the front page?

We can only handle youtube content right now. So if you are a podcast, or whatever you are, you need to have a youtube channel. Email us at edhrec@edhrec.com with a link to your channel and a quick description of what you are trying to do.
We have some basic requirements for channels on the community content feed:
  • Must have generally good quality (audio / video). While it doesn’t need to be professional quality, some effort should be apparent in the content.
  • At least 10 videos posted in a consistent manner. We want to be sure you are in it for the long haul and many content producers drop off before 10 episodes.
  • A single youtube playlist sorted by most recent video first, so our automated systems can tell us when you upload new content. Youtube allows videos to be added to more than one playlist, so making an additional "All Episodes" type of playlist can be useful if you already have episodes organized into several smaller lists and like it that way.
  • We allow content geared towards adults and are typically fine with profanity and crude humor. However, we will not show content producers that are encouraging or participating in harassment, discrimination, or any sort of negative behavior towards individual people or groups of people.

How do I become an author for EDHREC?

Generally, we’re always willing to bring on new writers. Email us at edhrec@edhrec.com with a description of a series you’d like to write for us. Writing samples are a big plus on moving things along quickly.

Can I send EDHREC money to support the site?

Websites like EDHREC have some pretty natural ways to collect money and as such we don’t take direct donations like Patreon or donations. In particular, we make money off of:
  • Advertisements. If you’d turn off your adblocker off for us, that can help us make money. If for some reason you got a malicious ad or think our ads are intrusive in some way, please email us at edhrec@edhrec.com and let us know what you think. We strive to be tasteful in our ad placements.
  • Affiliate programs. When on our site, if you click on a price tag that takes you to TCGPlayer, CardKingdom, CardHoarder, and CardMarket, we make money when you buy cards. All you have to do is click on one of those links and then if you buy any cards within a day or so, we get credit for it. So consider buying cards through us the next time you are picking up cards for your new deck.

I have something Commander players might like. Can I advertise on EDHREC?

We can run custom ad campaigns for companies and individuals that want to target EDHREC users. Email us at edhrec@edhrec.com and we can send over the ad units we have available and some more information on what we can do.
In general, we will only advertise products that we as EDHREC can stand behind in terms of quality and value. If your product is well known we might be to able to determine the reputation publicly, but if not we may request some samples (we can pay for them if the campaign is large enough) to review them for ourselves.
For payment, we are fine with cost per click, cost per impression, and/or affiliate % structures. We’re pretty flexible so just email us!