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Dimir is the color combination of blue and black. It is named for House Dimir on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Dimir commanders include Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, The Scarab God, and Phenax, God of Deception.


Combining blue’s search for knowledge with black’s selfishness creates a society where the individual vies for power above all else. Important knowledge is kept secret and only in the hands of the people highest in power. This system can be one of the most secure and efficient systems of any of the ten color pairs, but is filled with mistrust, backstabbing, and greed.

Popular Dimir Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Dimir enjoys outwitting its opponents and collecting far more knowledge than its enemies. It is a powerful source of card draw and makes efficient use of tutors. Dimir uses many evasive creatures that opponents cannot block. Dimir also excels at creature removal and will commonly even copy or gain control of their opponents' cards, especially reviving creatures from enemy graveyards to be used against their owners. Dimir loves to deprive enemies of their spells and creatures, sometimes even by preemptively targeting an enemy's library to remove powerful cards before they have a chance to be cast.


Neither blue nor black provide permanent forms of removal against artifacts and has only gained limited enchantment removal as of 2019, so it may struggle against strategies that use those permanent types in high numbers. Though Dimir creatures may be evasive, they are often not excessively large, which makes them more fragile in combat. Some popular Dimir strategies (for instance, Mill) may also take a long time to fully manifest in game, which can allow other, more aggressive strategies to take over the board state before Dimir is able to achieve victory.