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Commander-Agnostic decks, in contrast to Commander-Centric and Commander-Supported decks, are not reliant (and in some cases, even indifferent) about the role of their commander to their deck's primary strategy. Though they have access to their commander in every game, the commander does not play a major or even supporting role in guiding the deck to victory.


Commander-Agnostic decks often utilize the commander solely as a source of color identity, so that the pilot may use cards of whichever colors they desire and avoid deckbuilding restrictions. Commanders with three or more colors, especially Partner cards such as Vial Smasher the Fierce or Tymna, the Weaver, are commonly used for this purpose in commander-agnostic deckbuilding.

Commander-Agnostic decks may still utilize their commanders during gameplay. However, the primary method of victory is unlikely to be dependent upon that commander's abilities or its presence on the battlefield.

Commander-Agnostic deckbuilding is more common in cEDH, where the cards and interactions during gameplay are powerful enough that a commander may never need to be cast.

Archetypes that are commonly commander-agnostic:

Upsides of Building a Commander-Agnostic Deck

  • Commander-agnostic decks tend to be cohesive unto themselves, and can hold their own without the support of one specific card. In this way, their strategies cannot be as easily disrupted as Commander-Centric decks, which depend heavily on their commander and are unlikely to achieve victory without access to them.
  • Commander-agnostic decks may switch to entirely new commanders very easily, requiring very little change within the 99 to play well when switching to a new deck leader.

Downsides of Building a Commander-Agnostic Deck

  • Commander-agnostic decks forego one of the Commander format's primary benefits: access to a powerful legendary creature in every game. Though commander-agnostic decks may still make use of their commander, their deck will not receive the same powerful synergies that other decks achieve when pairing cards with their commanders.