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Boros is the color combination of red and white. It is named for the Boros Legion on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Boros commanders include Feather, the Redeemed, Firesong and Sunspeaker, and Depala, Pilot Exemplar.


White and red typically conflict over matters of order vs. chaos, but collaborate over a shared drive to take action, regardless of whether that action is motivated by a sense of morality or by emotion. Boros takes a militaristic approach to problem-solving, often creating fervent and impassioned followers. Boros may operate with a strict, regimented code, but is also willing to do whatever it feels is necessary to achieve its goals, sometimes even breaking the very rules it seeks to establish.

Popular Boros Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Boros is the color of speed. It can assemble a powerful board state more quickly than other color combinations, sometimes even able to eliminate enemies before those enemies have had a chance to properly establish their plans. Boros excels in combat, especially by preventing damage to its own creatures while compounding damage dealt to enemies, including via additional combat steps. Boros decks may vary between creating a large board of many creatures to overrun their opponents, or buffing up a singular, powerful creature to take their enemies down with a few well-timed strikes.


Both red and white are deficient in the realm of card draw, sacrificing a long-term strategy for short-term speed. However, short-term speed may not be enough to emerge victorious, especially if the Boros player's most powerful cards do not scale well enough to deal meaningful damage to multiple enemies. These factors combine to cause Boros to suffer in longer games where their enemies may easily outpace them with resource advantage.