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Blue is the color of logic, depth, and progress. It seeks perfection through knowledge.

Popular mono-blue commanders include Urza, Lord High Artificer, Talrand, Sky Summoner, and Emry, Lurker of the Loch.


Blue believes in striving for perfection through self-improvement. Blue believes that there is nothing that cannot be done through study and reflection. Blue wants everyone to be a perfect creature. Because of this, Blue is constantly searching for information. Blue mages believe life is about everyone having access to the information they need, and they encourage thorough, careful study of that information; and they continue to look for more information to add to their wealth of knowledge. This view means that blue mages will often not act if they believe they do not know everything about a situation, but it also means that when blue does something it will be thought out and perfected, with little room for error.

Popular Strategies in Mono-Blue

Most Popular:

Other Strategies


Card Draw

Blue is the primary color of card draw. From one-time spells to repeatable sources of card advantage, Blue has many of the best options to fill its hand.


Blue is the only color with access to countermagic, which gives Blue the a unique method of disrupting any enemy's plans.

Bounce Spells

Blue is able to returning nearly any type of permanents back to its owner's hand, either one at a time or all at once. This can provide Blue with ubiquitous, albeit temporary, removal.


While any color may use artifacts, blue has many cards that directly assist, enhance, or tutor for them.

Instants and Sorceries

Blue uses magic rather than might, and contains many ways of manipulating or gaining additional benefit from casting a large number of spells.


Blue excels at creating copies of other creatures and permanents on the battlefield, allowing it to receive extremely powerful abilities without spending lots of mana.


Blue can steal permanents from enemy players, often permanently, turning an enemy's own game pieces against their owners.

Extra Turns

Blue is one of the only colors that bend time and take additional turns. These effects can give the color the additional tempo it needs to catch up or overtake its enemies.


Blue is the color of evasion and unblockability. Blue has many small creatures, especially with flying, that are difficult or impossible for enemies to block during combat.


Permanent Answers

While Blue can counter spells as they are cast, or bounce permanents to their owner's hand after they are in play, Blue struggles to permanently handle powerful threats after they have already been put onto the battlefield, delaying the problem rather than eliminating it completely.


Blue's creatures may possess powerful abilities, but tend to be small and fragile. Blue creatures are unlikely to deal lethal damage to their enemies or to survive combat steps against other creatures or damage-dealing abilities.


Blue can provide many powerful abilities, but usually takes time to accumulate card advantage or to establish a board presence on the battlefield. Faster decks, especially aggro strategies, may be able to take advantage of blue's lack of tempo and defeat it before it has a chance to use any of the cards it has accumulated.