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Azorius is the color combination of white and blue. It is named for the Azorius Senate on the plane of Ravnica.

Popular Azorius commanders include Brago, King Eternal, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, and Lavinia, Azorius Renegade.


With white's love of institution and blue's search for perfection, these ideals combine create a society of complete law and order. The system is built on laws and rules, constricting what people can and cannot do to a T. At its best, this system will not only keep everyone safe, but also encourage citizens to improve themselves and become the best people they can be. At its worst, it can be an authoritarian police state where individuals lose their power to stand for their rights and even their individuality and free will.

Popular Azorius Strategies

Strengths and Weaknesses


Azorius excels in control. Azorius decks can be highly interactive, often containing varied forms of removal that will enable them to control the board state. They may eliminate, counter, exile, or even lock down game pieces and even opponents by preventing them from taking actions or even untapping their resources. Azorius also contains a high amount of evasive creatures that opponents may have difficulty blocking.


Azorius decks are often pretty slow. Any strategy that Azorius adopts will most likely require a lot of setup before it affects the game, which makes it susceptible to more proactive decks. Azorius decks are also not typically filled with large creatures, which makes them less likely to achieve victory over their opponents with combat damage.